Born in China and adopted into a small yet wholesome family of generational artists, Livi Carlen has always been one to express herself through art beyond her verbal abilities. Recognized for several art competitions, exhibitions, features, personal art commissions, and significant undergraduate artist scholarships from as early as elementary school until present-day, Carlen has always devoted her artwork as an integral part of her identity.

Carlen graduated with Presidential Honors from the Fine Arts Department of SUNY New Paltz with a BFA Magna Cum Laude in Graphic Design. Carlen is now in her second year of graduate school in the MFA Illustration Program at Fashion Institute of Technology. She also took the opportunities to study at renowned international institutions, SACI of Art & Design in Florence and ISDi in Havana, to further pursue her passions for both fine arts and graphic design.

Carlen has additionally explored her passion for illustration amidst the global pandemic and shares her artistic journey publicly through Instagram’s social media platform. She believes her fine arts and graphic design background has significantly shaped her understanding and direction of illustration. Carlen also has mother nature to thank as one of her prominent inspirations for her artworks, as many of her art mediums reflect themes of how color, weather, and light interact with each other.
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